Selected Publications

Edited Books

1977. Women and Men: Changing Roles, Relationships and Perceptions. Praeger. Co-edited with L. Carter and A.F. Scott.

Contributions to Books

1983. “Beyond the ‘he/man’ approach: The case for nonsexist language,” Expanded version in Language, Gender and Society. Newbury House.

1980. “Teaching About Language and the Sexes,” in The Voices and Words of Women and Men. Pergamon Press.

1980. “The psychology of the generic masculine,” in Women and Language in Literature and Society. Praeger Publishers.

Journal Articles

1980. Teaching about language and the sexes. Women’s Studies International Quarterly.

1980. Beyond the ‘he/man’ approach: The case for nonsexist language. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society.

1978. What does ‘he’ mean? Use of the generic masculine. Journal of Communication.

1976. Sex typing and androgyny: Further explorations of the expressive domain. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Co-authored with S. Bem and C. Watson.

Lecturer, Continuing

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